Toshiba introduced a display with a density of 367ppi


    Once upon a time, I dreamed that large displays showed images of a higher density than the eye can distinguish. So that you can come closer and consider more details of what you are interested in. And now, it seems, such times are coming.

    Toshiba presented at SID 2011 its “revolutionary” display, which has champion characteristics in terms of image density per inch of area. 367ppi is 10% more than iPhone4, which is undoubtedly a giant technological breakthrough *. However, eyewitnesses who watched the video claim that the 720p video on this display looks like never before. I completely agree with this - I am very impressed with the small high-resolution displays. For example, I like Sony “pocket” laptops precisely because more information gets on their display than on the displays of most of the 13 "brothers.

    And when a 13" laptop with a display resolution of 3840 * 1400 appears, I will probably cry out of happiness.

    * - it was a banter.

    Video under the cut.

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