10,000 commits to the Open Source project from one person

    On the Drupal statistics page, you can see that the creator of this project, Dries Buytaert, overcame a symbolic mark of ten thousand commits. He currently has 10023.

    This seems like an example of incredible hard work, but Baitaert admitted in a letter that he actually commits for the most part the patches of others that are sent to him personally. In fact, is it possible for one person to make ten thousand commits in one project?

    However, this is actually possible. For example, for talents like Linus Torvalds ( 10034 commit only on Linux Kernel 2.6). Surely there are other similar examples.

    One way or another, but the 33-year-old programmer Dris Baitaert has been contributing to improving Drupal and fixing bugs for more than a decade. Although he does not do it completely disinterestedly, nevertheless, Bytaert has an adjacent business that is based on Drupal, but you can still marvel at the Belgian’s dedication to his work. Indeed, in principle, Drupal has already gained sufficient distribution (even the White House website runs on this CMS) and could be developed exclusively by the efforts of the community.

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