Better than blu ray

    To achieve the best picture quality from your HDTV-TV, you must certainly watch a movie (concert, etc.) with a resolution of 1080p . Now the only way to achieve the highest possible (for home devices) image resolution. Usually, films (concert, etc.) of such quality are only available on Blu-ray discs (we don’t take into account rare exceptions and pirated copies)

    Of course, one fine day a higher resolution will come to the house, but then everyone will have to at least change TVs. For example, the Center for Entertainment Technology (Entertainment technology) of the University of Southern California is already conducting experiments with a video image resolution that is 4 times higher than 1080p.
    But you need to focus on how to improve the current Blu-ray standard.

    Paul Darby, co-founder of the company that developed the universal remote control , has a project to improve the quality of blu-ray pictures of even the highest quality: DarbeeVision . This technology allows you to convince the viewer's brain that the image is deeper and more voluminous than it actually is. To do this, DarbeeVision creates two additional images for each frame, which are superimposed in a certain way on the main image; the result is a kind of drop shadow, which gives the impression of enhanced contrast and volume (see the picture at the beginning of the post).
    But this is not the same as unscrewing the “Contrast” slider in the TV menu to the maximum. In this case, the contrast will be added evenly to the entire image on the screen; Paul Darby’s technology does not touch the background image, making objects “closer” to the viewer more contrasting.

    Examples of the magical effect of this technology can be found in the gallery site DarbeeVision.

    So far, Mr. Darby is selling a novelty for $ 1,500. The implementation is a small box that is inserted “between” the Blu-ray player and the TV. But soon there will be more budget solutions available for the mass user. After a while, the DarbeeVision chip (built into the HDMI cable) will cost $ 150.

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