Parcel from Germany to Russia

    Hello everyone!

    I would like to discuss one issue with you.

    The situation is as follows: on September 21, 2010, a parcel (iPad) was sent from Germany to Russia by regular mail with the “Premium” option. It can be seen from the track that for 6 days she traveled around Germany and on September 27, 2010 received the status of “ Shipment in transportation to destination country. ”, In short, it went for export. After that, the track was not updated and the package, accordingly, has not yet arrived.

    Calling the Russian Post hotline, I was informed that I would contact the customs and they would report the status of the parcel, and such a delay is due to the fact that due to the large volumes, the customs does not have time to update the data. At customs, they said that they had not received anything yet and that they needed to communicate with the Russian Post. The circle is closed. We are waiting for a reply from the German post.

    So, I wonder if any of you received parcels from Germany? How did the track behave, is it normal that it has not been updated for more than a month?

    I often receive parcels from America, the last one came, surprisingly, in only 12 days, but I am waiting for the first time from Germany. At various forums they write that parcels are sent for 2-3 months from Europe.

    If it does not bother you, write a few words about your experience.

    Thank you very much.

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