“Kitchen Small Hosting Company” - replica

    Recently I read this article on Habré Kitchen a small hosting company . The article itself really liked and is ready to subscribe to every word of the author. But still, after reading the article, a sense of incompleteness remained. The fact is that the author considered only one of the possible schemes for creating a "small hosting company." In this article, I would like to consider another possible scenario for the creation and development of a hosting company, namely a company based on the so-called reseller hosting.

    As everyone knows, opening a reseller account in most hosting companies means that you pay the company the N-th sum of money for a certain amount of megabytes on their server, the permissible number of domains, MySQL, FTP accounts, mail, and so on ... Further “happy” the reseller, as in the case of the server, divides the available space and everything else into tariffs and saying to himself “catch the fish big and small” brings it all to the market. At the same time, as a rule, those support completely rests with the reseller. The “parent” hosting company does not even know about the availability of reseller customers, so it’s useless to contact the reseller’s client for help. This means that, as in the case of the server, in the absence of payments from the reseller, the hosting company cuts down everyone and everyone who was involved in an unscrupulous reseller.

    But this does not mean that all start-up hosting companies follow this reseller scheme. Here, a very important point is the right choice of a "parent" hosting company. I will tell on an example of the company YeapHost.comwhich I represent. Having the experience of creating numerous Internet sites, and constantly using the services of Russian hosting companies, it was decided to purchase a reseller account to host all of my projects, and to sell unclaimed resources to save some of the money. When the question arose about choosing a hoster, we realized that not one of the Russian hosting companies can satisfy our requirements, which included price-quality ratio, adequate support service, availability, reselling system and so on ... Then we began to select among those who behind the Iron Curtain, choosing one English company. First of all, our attention was drawn to the availability of sites hosted on their servers ( just-ping.com), secondly, that the reseller’s client is visible to the “parent” hosting company, which means that support is available for them, and that in the event of reseller bankruptcy, the customers will not be left with nothing.

    What then is our advantage, and why should the client give preference to YeapHost.com, while with the same success it can become a direct client of the "parent" host company? To begin with, we provide Russian-language support. Secondly, our tariffs are different from what the "parent" hosting company offers, and are focused on the needs of RuNet. Thirdly, the webmoney payment system, convenient for RuNet, but not foreign PayPal or bank cards.

    So, the initial costs of $ 150 given in the article to which I referred at the beginning can be used more efficiently: advertising, customer support, which means that the influx of customers is greater.

    I invite everyone to test our hosting. For these purposes, the Test tariff has been created . We listen to any criticism.

    In conclusion, I would like to say that hosting is really a troublesome business, but "Only the going one will overcome the road."

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