MTS made the “Troika” really “Big”

    imageWe have already talked about the ability of users to pay for goods or services from the personal accounts of mobile operators Beeline and Megafon. Upon joining MTS, not only our users, but also many of our partners (more than 1,000 different service providers and more than 300 online stores) were able to offer customers payment directly from the personal account of the most common mobile operators in the country.

    See how it looks with a concrete example.

    Consider paying the invoice from the website (online games are one of the most expensive in terms of commissions (for users) payment options with the "mobile phone" through us - traditional payment for cellular communications or Internet access is much cheaper ).

    On the QIWI Wallet website, the user can now choose how he plans to pay the previously issued invoice:





    (Until the end of August 2010 it works only for users of the Moscow region):
    For MTS, you need to add 10 rubles for each successful transaction to the size of the commission.

    Why it will be interesting to those who offer their goods or services in RuNet :
    • Attracting additional audience and increasing sales due to users not experienced in e-commerce,
    • Lack of additional technical setup for the Communication Protocol
    • Work under the current Agreement and, as a consequence, the absence of additional paperwork
    • No additional costs or interest from your business

    There is no escape from the flaws, the main of which is an additional commission for your user. Who loves her? But it is worth noting that for many payments from the personal account of a mobile operator, the commission is quite reasonable - and more profitable than buying the same electronic money.

    Scenario of payment for your services for all operators : after ordering a payment, the user receives an SMS, the answer to which he confirms or cancels the payment.


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