Entrance to the system "by face"

    The company Luxand , specializing in face recognition, has released a new version of its free program for authorization in the OS "by face", which is called Blink! . Now you can log in simply by looking at the webcam of your laptop. and it’s much more convenient than entering a password each time, and it’s safer. The main thing is that the program can always recognize you, but here, as the developers assure us, there should be no problems, they promise that Blink! recognizes your face, even if you:
    • put on / take off glasses
    • put on / take off contact lenses
    • change the haircut
    • shave / grow a beard
    • do / wash off makeup
    • in conditions of insufficient / excessive lighting

    The promises sound attractive enough, and the very idea of ​​authorization by face seems interesting and promising to me, so I decided to install the program and see how it copes, who is interested, welcome tackle. Yes, Blink himself ! You can download it here .

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    Installation is simple to disgrace. Having chosen where we want to install the program, we wait 5 seconds and see the webcam selection menu:

    Then, we are offered to “remember the face”:

    To do this, look at the monitor and turn your head slowly:

    After that, it remains only to enter your account password and all:
    You can restart the computer in order to verify the effectiveness.


    So, the check itself. To grow a beard for a long time, and somehow there is no desire to be painted ... that's why I checked not everything, but part of the promised things that will not confuse the program. The program has two recognition modes: High Convenience and High Security, respectively: it recognizes better or more security. Below is a plate that describes (or shows) the tests and the result.
    My face / Program modeHigh convenienceHigh security
    imageAccess is allowedAccess is allowed
    imageAccess is allowedAccess denied
    imageAccess is allowedAccess denied
    Low lightAccess deniedAccess denied
    Side light (shadow covers half of the face)Access deniedAccess denied
    The results are pretty good: in recognition priority mode, neither glasses nor bandana became an obstacle to recognition. The security priority mode was safe and only a face without distortion was missed. But things are bad with the light, with a lack of light, it was not possible to pass the test even after 5 minutes of turning your head in front of the webcam. Moreover, the program, in principle, can not find a face, perhaps you need a more expensive webcam than the built-in laptop.

    Now, the most interesting thing, we realized that the program as a whole copes with its task, but will it cope with an attempt forgery? How to fake a face? The most obvious way is to photograph! Here such a thing arises, the worse the webcam, the larger the photo you need, because you need to bring the small one very close, and there it is already out of focus. I took the photo, from the table, without glasses and other things, brought it to the TV and brought a laptop to it ... voila ... login happened! And in security priority mode too !!! Those. the program could not distinguish the face of a living person from a photograph. The minus, crossing out everything, because the program promised some kind of security, and so ... it will protect only from those who can’t get your picture ... (by the way, with a good webcam, which I could borrow for a couple of minutes, I was able to log in by presenting the webcam to the screen


    The program did not live up to expectations and does not fulfill its task. So her only purpose was to have a little fun and surprise friends with an unusual way to launch a laptop ... and it's a pity the idea was good.

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