Dedicated from REG.RU

    REG.RU is gaining weight: we decided to diversify our virtual services with something heavy (in the literal sense of the word) and now we offer to rent physical REG.Dedicated servers .

    We will tell you right away and without undue modesty why REG.Dedicated is better than physical servers of other companies:

    - Installing the server on the same day 7 days a week;
    - A wide selection of pre-installed OS and the ability to install your own OS;
    - Allocation of a block of 8 IP addresses in one subnet is free;
    - Round-the-clock technical support at the level of requests to the ticket system from the website;
    - Providing equipment of the selected configuration;
    - Full root access to server management at the SSH level and a Phillips screwdriver at the hard part level;
    - Uninterruptible power supply;
    - Superoperative replacement of failed equipment;
    - Ability to use the multifunctional panel ISP Manager Lite or Pro for an additional fee at special favorable prices;
    - Remote computer control via KVM;
    - Detailed traffic report;
    ¬- All management, server administration, installation and modification of software is carried out directly by you. You can also order service from our specialists for an additional fee;

    And most importantly: the guaranteed response time to the request is not more than 1 hour! On the day of ordering, you can get acquainted with the selected server in person, in the photo or we will arrange video conferencing for you :)

    We are happy to make everyone happy with a wide choice of server configuration, affordable cost and high-quality REG.Dedicated support !

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