foobar2000 v1.1 (beta)

    The first beta of a new version of the wonderful foobar2000 audio player has been released . fb2k

    List of major changes:
    • New ways to install components, as well as their auto-update from the official site.
    • Plugins are now installed not in the player’s folder, but in the profile folder (% appdata%), which allows each user to use a different set of components.
    • New plugin interface for converting audio formats, Converter.
    • The new look of most Preferences pages and other windows according to the Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines .
    • Improved compliance with the Matroska container standard as well as the ID3v2 tag standard.

    Now the plugins that are in the official repository can be updated directly from foobar2000. In addition, plugins downloaded from the repository can be installed from Preferences via the Install button or by dragging the zip archive to the Components page:

    Preferences, Components

    To avoid UAC prompting the user when updating or installing plugins, they were moved to the profile folder. The installer of the new version will offer to do this during installation. However, the components that come with the official installer are put into the folder of the program itself and are not updated through the player (highlighted in gray).

    The new converter is much more convenient and visual, now it looks like this:
    Converter Setup

    The official Playback Statistics plugin (foo_playcount) has also been updated:
    • The number of plays and the rating is now tied not to the file path, but to the combination “artist - album - track number - track name”, which automatically transfers this data to the same albums in different formats, allows you to easily transfer music and also count plays for files outside the library (Media Library).
    • The collected data can be exported and imported in XML format via the menu Library → Playback Statistics.
    • New fields, for example% rating_stars_fixed% will display the rating in the form of stars: ★★★ ☆☆
    You can download the Playback Statistics beta on the Hydrogenaudio forum .

    Since the player is currently in beta, bug reports are welcome on the forum or IRC channel (registration required).

    Download beta foobar2000 v1.1 from the official site

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