Google Maps won the test of car navigators

    Journalists PC Pro UK edition conducted field tests of four satellite navigation systems, including the free Google Maps development (smartphone Acer Liquid) and Nokia Ovi Maps (Nokia N97), the commercial GPS-navigator TomTom Go 950 Live (one of the best in its class ) and the paid program CoPilot 8 for iPhone.

    To compare the test results, the editor of PC Pro magazine took the same route with paper cards.

    The testing conditions were simple: each driver received one navigator and had to get to the end point of the route, following its directions. The route consisted of four sections: countryside , off-road , from city to city and traffic jam .

    The final result looks like this:
    1. Google Maps - 154 min
    2. TomTom - 187 min
    3. CoPilot for iPhone - 190 min
    4. Nokia Ovi Maps - 215 min
    5. Paper cards - 237 min

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