Piranha Hunt “In Contact”

    On April 16, a decision was made by the arbitration court of St. Petersburg in the case of recovering 3,000,000 rubles of compensation for the illegal use of an audiovisual work - the feature film “Piranha Hunt”. The lawsuit was filed by VGTRK against Vkontakte LLC.

    And it is worth noting that, based on paragraph 1 of Article 401 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a person should be recognized as not guilty of causing harm, if, with the degree of care and prudence that was required of him, taking into account the nature of the situation, he took all measures to prevent harm. Which, in fact, the court decided. Vkontakte was found not guilty.

    However, yesterday at a further consideration of the case, the St. Petersburg Court of Appeal found the VKontakte social network guilty of copyright infringement on the content of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company and ordered the owners to pay 1 million rubles in compensation .

    As I understand it, the matter does not end there, we will wait for what the court of cassation will say. Indeed, in this scenario, content creators can upload their films to social networks under false users, then further verify with a notary the fact that there is content on the network and demand money.

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