Opening free access and new services at Synchronet

    As part of this post, I would like to inform the habrasociety about innovations in our service and tell those who do not know about us how can be useful to you. Of course we are waiting for your constructive criticism.

    So, the innovations are as follows:

    A cross-platform client for synchronizing files on JAVA (Beta) has been added
    Disabled lifetime of the free version
    Improved system for providing access to data
    Fixed known bugs and errors

    Why and what are we doing?

    We want our users to be able to conveniently store files, contacts, calendars, and other data of their computers, cell phones and other devices in a single online storage, while having the opportunity to update these data on each of their devices with minimal time costs, as well as transfer them to another Internet user, community, or simply open access. At the moment, in our opinion, we have implemented this in the service . Whether this worked out is up to you to judge.

    Similar services are already there. You say, what makes you different? And here's what:

    - File synchronization on mobile devices

    - Support for a large number of different platforms as well as third-party applications for data synchronization

    - Sharing files, contact groups, calendars with different access parameters for users, communities and just open access.

    Our service contains free and commercial versions. Due to the existence of a commercial version, we hope to fully concentrate our efforts on the usability and functionality of our project, without trying to delay the user from watching ads or raping him with any other inconvenience.

    As far as we know, we are one of the few Russian companies that implemented a project of similar functionality and scale on Adobe Flex technology, except for the true main page, help and registration pages.

    If you have time and desire for feedback, we are very interested in your opinion on our project:

    1. What do not like in our project?
    2. How do you like our Flex interface?
    3.Social functions, are they needed?
    4. Any other aspects of our product that you would like to pay attention to.

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