Now Android OS can call a taxi

    Who, if not Khabrovtsy, knows perfectly well that technology is constantly evolving, "teaching" your mobile device to perform many, many diverse tasks. We are adding to the piggy bank of modern technology a new way to order a taxi.

    Taxi for android

    Since the goal of the company is to give people really high-quality and convenient service instead of the traditional post-Soviet taxi, in the Android version we tried to combine all the best developments of the company.

    What did we end up with?

    In this review, we will briefly tell you what our latest Android app is all about.

    So, go to the application.


    It will automatically determine your phone number and offer to choose your city.


    After this one-time and easy procedure, the application will go on to determine your location and fill in the departure address itself, all that is required of you in the end is to indicate where you will go, and in some cases, specify the area of ​​the city and the entrance.


    After that, you can send a request to the server and go about your business. The application instantly arrives to drivers in the specified area.


    As soon as your application is accepted, the application will emit a sound signal and vibrate, notifying you of the great desire of some drivers to comfortably deliver you to your destination.


    Here we found a technical solution that allows you to independently choose from the list of drivers who are ready to take you, an option that suits you, or rather - either at the price, or at the time of arrival of the driver, or the make of his car.

    With a slight movement of any of your fingers, choose the appropriate option and you can get ready for the journey. For the convenience of your fees, we have equipped the application with a timer that shows the remaining time until the driver arrives.


    Everyone who uses taxi services is well aware that the declared time does not always correspond to reality, the driver can arrive both earlier and later. Therefore, we also equipped the application with a notification of the real arrival of the driver in the form of vibration and a sound signal.

    In other words, when the driver really arrives, the application will immediately hint about it to you as shown in the screenshot:


    Just in case, we also made the “I don’t see the car” button, otherwise it happens that the driver is mistaken at home or on the porch. When you click on this button, the driver will either call you back or signal you, i.e. will try to contact you in any way.

    The design of the application was also worked out for the maximum convenience of the client and had as its goal an intuitive interface that does not require reading any instructions before use. In general, the goal of our designers was the slogan - "Download and call, everything is simple and easy."


    Another good news - now the choice of the appropriate version of the application on the site has become even more convenient! Stop by and see for yourself.

    PS We continue to recruit regional representatives, there are still many free cities. ;)

    PPS Thank you hps for the provided QR code:

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