Online reports on Windows Phone 7 in Russian

    Summer is traditionally a good time to study materials and do self-study. The theme of Windows Phone 7 has aroused great interest among developers and users. I am glad to recall that for the ReMIX conference, together with wonderful speakers, we prepared a whole set of materials on the new mobile platform.

    First of all, these are two reports that were held at the conference itself. Sergey Zvezdin made a general review of the WP7 platform for developers, and Denis Khitrov spoke about the experience of the world famous Spb Software company in using WP7 in its projects.

    In addition, TechDays posted online reports on specific aspects of Windows Phone by Sergey Zvezdin, Sergey Lutai, Ivan Andreev and Alena Kosinskaya.

    Level 100 Review Papers:
    Detailed reports of level 200 and 300:
    Let me remind you that the tools for developing for WP7 are completely free, and you can write under the emulator now.

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