Divine perfection

    On Habré, all parables about how to live , the same about why . These are of course my personal conclusions, I hope everyone finds something different. Unfortunately, I don’t know the author, but if I like it, I’ll add another no less life-affirming one to upd.
    In Brooklyn, New York, there is a school for under-educated children. Some children remain at this school for the duration of their studies, others after a certain time go to other schools.

    Divine perfection

    About one day, during a charity dinner, the father of this school made a speech that none of those present would forget. After praising the teaching staff and organizing the school, he shouted: “Where is the impeccability in my son, Shai? Everything that God created, he did with impeccability. But my child cannot perceive and understand things in the same way as other children. My child cannot remember dates and numbers in the same way that other children can. So what is divine impeccability? ”

    Everyone at the charity dinner was shocked by the question and saddened by the suffering of his father.

    “I believe,” the father continued, “that when God allows a person like my son to be born, impeccability is reflected in how people relate to him.”

    And then he told the following story about his son, Shay.

    One afternoon, Shaya and his father were strolling in the park. Not far from them, the boys were playing baseball. Shaya asked: "Dad, what do you think, will they let me play with them?"

    The father knew that his son was not at all athletic and that most of the boys did not want him to play in their team. But the father understood that if his son was taken to play, a sense of team spirit and team play would bring Shae great pleasure.

    Then the father went to one of the playing boys and asked if his son Shae could play with them.

    The boy looked around, seeking support from his comrades. But without meeting his eyes, he made a decision: “We are now losing six points and playing on the eighth serve. I think he can play in our team and we will try to give him a bat on the ninth pitch. ”

    Father was delighted, and Shaya smiled widely!

    Shae was told to take the glove and go to the short center position.

    By the end of the eighth serve, the Shai team won five points, but was still behind. Toward the end of the ninth innings, the Shai team was able to play another point and now the outcome of the match was being decided. It was Shai's turn to pick up the bat.

    Will the Shae team allow them to play in such a crucial situation when victory depends only on him?

    Surprisingly, Shae was given a bat. Everyone knew that this was unbelievable, because Shaya did not even know how to hold it properly. And then the server took a step back and gently tossed the ball high into the air so that it would be easier for Chae to repel it. Swipe the bat and ... by!

    Then one guy from the Shai team approached him and took up the bat with Shai to help him beat him off this time.

    The server again threw the ball softly. Shay waved a bat with a friend and, together, slightly repelled the ball to the server. The server easily picked up the ball and now could throw it further to his player. This would mean that Shaya lost and the game should have ended.

    Instead, the server grabbed the ball and threw it far behind his player.

    Everyone began to shout: “Shaya! Run! Run to the first base! ”

    Shay had never run to first base in his life. With wide eyes, a little scared, he ran sharply. By the time he reached first base, an opponent team player had already picked up the ball. He would now have to throw the ball to his next player in second base, which is why Shai, who was still running, left the game.

    But this boy understood the intentions of the server who launched the ball too hard. Therefore, he, too, intentionally with force and inaccurately threw the ball to his next player.

    Everyone howled: “Shaya! Run to second base! Run to the second! ”

    Shaya ran straight to second base. Then on the third! He fled what he had! The boys from both teams ran after him and shouted: “Come on, Shaya! Run to your home base! ”

    When Shaya stepped to the home base all eighteen boys who played that day ran to him, congratulated him, picked him up and made him the hero of today's game, because thanks to him the team won a victory point.

    “On this day,” the father said quietly with tears rolling down his face, “18 guys showed their divine impeccability”

    Father's gaze (promised in the title of the parable)

    This true story is about a boy and his father. They loved to go to local football competitions together. And although the boy was always sitting on the bench, his father was always encouraging him. While the boy was in school, his father never missed a single game.

    The boy really liked football and he firmly decided to himself that he would play. He carefully attended all the training, not missing a single one and always did everything in his power. But, unfortunately, he was kept on the bench all the time. And his father always came to matches and cheered for him, shouting words of support.

    So a few years have passed. The guy entered the institute, but in football he did not go well. The coach admitted to himself that he was holding him only because of his zeal and dedication, which helped other players to gather and instilled hope in them.

    The persistent guy did not miss a single training while studying at the institute, but he never took part in the game. The season of football meetings between the teams of the institutes was already ending, during one of the trainings the guy was brought a telegram. He read it and froze. Swallowing a lump in his throat, he quietly told the trainer: “My father died this morning. Is there anything I’ll miss next workout? ”The coach hugged him carefully on the shoulders and said:“ Of course, relax son! The last game on Saturday we can play without you. ”

    It was Saturday. The last game was not in favor of the guy's team. During the second half of the match, the guy quietly slipped into the locker room and put on his football uniform. Then he ran out onto the field to the coach. His teammates and coach were very surprised when they saw that he had returned so quickly. “Coach, please let me out on the field!” I just have to play today, ”the boy pleaded. The coach pretended not to hear him - he did not want to let out the worst player in the last decisive game. But the young man insisted and finally, feeling pity for him, the coach allowed him to enter the field.

    After a minute, neither the coach nor the players, no one on the field could not believe their eyes. This feeble unknown guy who had never played before, did everything perfectly! The enemy team simply could not stop him. He ran, passed, intercepted passes of the opponent as a professional football player. His team began to prevail. And already in the last seconds of the game, the guy intercepted a pass and scored a decisive goal with an accurate blow. Spectators raged. Team players hugged and clapped him on the shoulders. It was something!

    After everyone dispersed, the coach was surprised to notice that the guy was sitting alone in the corner of the locker room. The coach came up and said: “Son! I can’t believe what I saw. You were excellent. Tell me what happened? Tell me how you did it? ”

    The guy looked at the coach with tears in his eyes and said: “You know, after all, that my father died. But did you know that he was blind? ”

    The guy swallowed a lump in his throat and smiled through strength.

    “My father came to all my games, but today was the first game he could see. And I wanted to show him what I am capable of! ”

    “ Your father is proud of you now, ”the trainer smiled and patted the boy on the shoulder!

    PS Here's a story like friends, probably it’s even a reality. Probably this is not for Habr’s post, but there is so much negative in the news, and if you live in Moscow, then it’s “dangerous” to go out on the street) By the way, if it’s possible (necessary), I want to read similar stories from life to cheer up. Vobschem all summer!

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