LinCut is an easy and convenient way to save your favorite websites.


    Good time of day,% username%. We are pleased to present the LinCut Project for everyone to see - a simple and convenient way to save your favorite websites.
    A bit of background. Many times it happened with a PC, then with a laptop the inevitable - the OS crashed, something broke, or while being at another computer (at a friend's, at work) access to links was needed, etc. And every time all the saved sites were lost, after which the hair was pulled out of the head and running around the room shouting “Guard”. I think some readers are familiar with this situation.
    After the next inappropriate behavior of the OS, it was decided to find a service for the direct storage of all of your bookmarks and favorites. Services were found, but they all had one drawback - not the ability to store their links without a public review, but if an option was offered, it did not work as it seemed. Leaving all reliable, there was a decision to make a service for solving such a banal problem with an even simpler solution. That is how LinCut came about.



    The service was made on CodeIgniter + MVC, a simple and intuitive interface, nothing more. The basic concept was around how to register users. There were many options and an inadequate decision was made - to do without registration at all.
    When you hover over a button on the main page, the user automatically gets his ID in the background, so the button becomes “marked” and the user can proceed directly to using the service. To do this, drag the button to the “Bookmarks Area” panel in the user's browser. They did not think about the design for a long time and did something in the style of Web 2.0.

    How to use

    Everything is simple here. As soon as the button has been dragged, the user can use the entire service without any restrictions. On any site you like, we press the -LinCut- button and a window opens in which you can write your comment, edit the title and / or just click the Save button and the link will be entered into your “suitcase”. In the same window, you can find the View My Bookmarks link, by clicking on which we will see all the saved links.



    Here they tried to achieve maximum simplicity. You can sort the links, set the number of hits on the page, save all the links in a .txt file, an additional button for direct access to your links directory, mark the links with an asterisk (favorites).
    Also, for additional user safety, the Private account function was added (by default, Public account). It, the function, makes the account protected by a user-defined PIN code (digital password).
    LinCut works in the most popular browsers.



    At the time of publication of the article, more than 1000 buttons have already been created and more than 100 people use the service, there are more than 500 links (bookmarks) in the database. We are glad that we benefited people who so lacked a simple and understandable service for maintaining links.
    There are many competitors, but this is not scary, because unlike other services, our plans do not include LinCut monetization on a hard, with kilometers of advertising. Or complicate the service by turning LinCut into an obscure invention like Delicious.
    LinCut is an easy way to save your favorite websites.

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