Spam in Russian, officially

    There is such a large company, it is called Mail.Ru, and this company has a number of services, one of which I would like to mention in bad words. At first, I was indignant at the situation and gave a series of unpleasant phrases to the mail to the mountain, but then the situation made me think.


    Having logged into my account in the Google mail service, I was surprised to find a letter from the Robot Mail.Ru project. The headline caught my eye - "Notification of subscription to the newsletter" AUCTION IN THE FIELD OF GOSZAKUPOK. Changes in the law. Auction in electronic form. Like this? I do not use mailing lists with Mail.Ru.

    I go in the letter and see the following content:
    You received this letter because the author has signed you up to the "AUCTION IN THE FIELD OF GOSZAKUPOK. Changes in the legislation. Auction in electronic form" ", which is issued through the Mail.Ru newsletter service.

    Parameters for accessing the subscriber’s personal account:

    Password: 324E26RR

    If you do not want to receive the newsletter, you can unsubscribe from it in one of the following ways:

    by clicking on the link and sending the opened letter *.
    using your mail client *, send an empty letter with the subject line “unsubscribe 91015” to
    using the subscriber’s personal account on the Mailing list.Ru project.
    * Important: the return address must match the subscription address

    If you think that the newsletter host sends you such invitations too often, then report it to and send this letter in full.

    The notification system of the project “Mailing Mail.Ru”

    The beginning of surprises

    I’m already used to the fact that a subscription to all kinds of mailings must be confirmed and only after that it will work. Except for spamming , naturally. Oops! The letter from the email says nothing about the confirmation of the subscription to the newsletter, only about the method of unsubscribing from it. Hm! Interesting - it turns out that Mail.Ru invented an interface for directly adding users to the newsletter without asking for them.

    This is not a good approach, but in rare cases it can be justified. Well, to hell with him, unsubscribe. I send a letter with the cherished unsubscribe to the specified address and the answer comes almost immediately:
    To confirm the unsubscription from the “AUCTION IN THE FIELD OF GOSZAKUPOK. Changes in the law. Auction in electronic form " reply to this letter without changing its contents.
    Or click on the following link to confirm the unsubscribe on the site.

    Code: 6C561A22771213329A4F909C4F8FEFDF

    What is it that turns out, I was signed without my knowledge to some left-wing (unambiguously unambiguously spammer) newsletter and I still have to confirm the unsubscribe from the newsletter in the best traditions of Redmond company products ? Of course, I confirmed the unsubscribe from the newsletter, but ...

    The situation is rotten

    Newsletters Mail.Ru has an inverted approach to mailing list subscriptions - you need to confirm unsubscriptions, not subscriptions . For those who have long been accustomed to the fact that you need to confirm a subscription, this will be a surprise. And due to the fact that Mail.Ru Mailings allow you to subscribe to mailings without any confirmation, we come to Spam 2.0. The server is valid and quite officially and legally deals with mailings. The nth number of mailings is quite valid and necessary, and subscriptions to them are made voluntarily. However, slag mailings have now appeared in the best traditions of spammers, but from some official spammers. Valid.

    Conclusions, Shura?

    Now it remains to draw small conclusions - garbage delivery services have once again reached a higher level of work. The situation is almost paradoxical - however, in Russia almost everything is paradoxical, so we will wait for development. If such slag comes from the email further, I will complain about abuse @ or I will make a radical solution to the question - all mail from mail .ru and its domains in / dev / null. Not looking.

    Habrachelovek, and you ran into such mailings? And what would you do in this case and situation?

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