Brother DCP-330C: Learn to Save Paint

    It so happened that I was in the hands of the designated printer. A good piece of hardware, I must say: inexpensive, it prints pretty well, the manufacturer’s site even found drivers for Linux and sane instructions for installing them.

    One significant drawback was discovered: work with consumables. The device uses Innobella LC-57 ink cartridges, of which four are (separately C, M, Y, K). The ink level is determined very approximately, often the printer indicates the need to replace the cartridge when barely half of the ink is used up. Even worse, if one of the cartridges is empty or not installed, the device refuses to do anything at all.

    Once again, in an absurd situation, when the printer refused to print a black and white document, citing the lack of yellow ink, I turned to a folk remedy for a solution - a piece of paper ™. The method of applying the folk remedy is shown in the illustration (which can be increased by clicking with the mouse). As a result:
    • Cartridge life has nearly doubled;
    • Now you can print black letters even without yellow ink;
    • The printer now does not detect ink levels at all (it didn’t work out well before).

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