Biometric Passenger Identification System

    A new biometric passenger identification system, called SmartGate , was deployed at Australia's seventh airport.

    SmartGate is an automatic system that allows passengers arriving at Australian international airports to independently pass through passport control without the participation of airport employees. Its essence is quite simple: it uses the data of a biometric passport and face recognition technology to perform customs and immigration checks, which are usually carried out by border service officers.

    Initially, the passenger needs to go to a special terminal, put the passport on the reader, accept the agreement, and get a temporary card, which will be needed for further identification of the person. After that, he goes to the next terminal, directly in front of the waiting room, inserts a card, and for a while looks into the camera located at eye level. A few seconds later, after checking (if everything went well), he is issued a ticket and a passage to the waiting room opens. Actually, no queues.

    This opportunity so far applies only to citizens of Australia and New Zealand, but it is gradually planned to extend the system to passengers of other nationalities who have a biometric passport (ePassport).

    Some statistics

    Before the deployment of this system, it was tested for more than 10 thousand passengers in Sydney and Melbourne between 2002 and 2005. During this reporting year, SmartGate was used more than 900 thousand times at Australian international airports throughout the country.

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