Microsoft stops supporting Intel Itanium processors in its products

    Despite the recent Intel release of the new Itanium 9300 line (Tukwila), Microsoft has announced that Windows Server 2008 R2 , SQL Server 2008 R2 and Visual Studio 2010 will be the latest products to support this platform.

    Nevertheless, existing Intel Itanium processors will be fully supported until July 9, 2013, and extended support will last another 8 years, until July 10, 2018.

    “What is it for? The natural evolution of processors with x86 64-bit (“x64”) architecture has led to the creation of processors and servers that provide the scalability and reliability needed to solve today's problems. Just this week, Intel and AMD released new multi-core processors, and servers with 8 or more x64 processors were announced by a dozen hardware manufacturers. Such servers support from 64 to 96 cores, and this is not the limit. ”Dan Reger is a senior technical project manager for the Windows Server line in his blog.

    The decision was made following the release of Intel "Nehalem-EX" 8-core Xeon 7500 and AMD "Magny-Cours" 12-core Opteron 6000, as well as the decision of Red Hat to stop supporting Itanium after the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. But the main reason was the low demand for this platform, an extremely small percentage of Windows users use Itanium architecture.

    Despite this, Intel does not seem to intend to stop working on the new Itamium line - Poulson and Kittson.

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