Agile checklist to help Agile teams

    Why did we do this?

    Many people know that Agile / Scrum practices are simple on paper. Everyone who has read about Agile can explain all the principles and practices in just a minute and a half (or even less). However, despite the simple rules for organizing an Agile process, they often make a large number of mistakes. This results in you getting ScrumButt.

    Therefore, we decided to write an Agile process checklist based on our experience. He will help to deal with basic things and not step on the typical "Rake" committed by most teams.

    What's inside?

    A brief but comprehensive description of the main practices of Scrum and Agile in the form of a checklist. All information about Scrum in a dried form, without water and boring longs. There is a checklist for each practice.

    Contains a description of the main process practices (daily standup, burndown), but not technical (TDD, nightly builds).

    Download Checklist
    Disclamer: It can be used as a toolkit for Agile. Use wisely, we do not accept any complaints.

    Good luck

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