Cerebro Competition and New Release

    paint hardFor those who managed to forget, a little bit about ourselves :). You can refresh your memory right there .
    In short, Cerebro is a software package for managing media projects. In addition to the possibilities of "accounting and control", i.e. setting goals, obtaining complete statistics on the project, budgeting, etc., one of the main "chips" of the software - the so-called audiovisual review - the ability to draw on top of video / images / office documents and give text and audio comments on files. Also an important feature of the program is the ability to exchange files of any size. We work including in Cinema , there it is needed :). Like all decent developers, the program is constantly updated, we plan the release of new versions and even organize the distribution of elephants!

    From the latest updates

    To the delight of lovers of ergonomics, Mirada (the built-in Cerebro image viewer) began to support Wacom tablets! By drawing marks on top of the image, you can adjust the size of the brush depending on the click. Switching to the eraser mode occurs automatically when the Wacom digital pen is turned over. Plus they added a new panning tool, which is now selected by default.

    Trivia - in the Cerebro client we made a more compact and convenient layout of the interface, added a new floating panel with options for creating / deleting / editing tasks, copying, etc.
    Read more in the forum .
    By the way, we will be very grateful for any suggestions or criticism!

    In the next few weeks we plan to release Web and iPhone versions of Cerebro, read in the following posts! Now our desktop client supports Mac OS X / Windows / Linux.


    Now about the elephants.

    We are organizing a contest! Prizes: Free subscriptions to the SaaS version of Cerebro. Each winner will receive 5 semi-annual accounts to work in the system.

    What you need to do:
    - become a fan of Cerebro by clicking on the link ;
    - register in the demo version of Cerebro here (if you are NOT a user yet);
    - fill out the contest participant form here , indicating the name of your Cerebro Universe.

    Three winners will be determined randomly (automatically) using the wildfireapp.com service .

    The competition will last until March 29 (until 5 pm Moscow time).
    So go ahead, good luck!

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