Advertising logos appear on Google Maps

    Australia became the first country where Google began selling a place for company logos inside Google Maps. These are small icons a few pixels in size. On Australian cards, Bankwest and NAB ATMs, JB Hifi and Chemist Warehouse stores, as well as LJ Hooker real estate agency, are already logotyped, The Sydney Morning Herald reports .

    If the experiment in Australia is successful, then the logos on the cards will begin to sell in other countries of the world. For Google, this is a new source of income, and it is very promising.

    Information on thousands of small and large companies can still be found on Google Maps, but their logos have never been displayed on maps before. Obviously, this will be a premium service for selected advertisers. It is reported that in order to obtain permission to place a logo, a company must submit an application and prove its “relevance”. When considering an application, Google takes into account the number of search queries for this company, information from Wikipedia and some other factors. Details of the automatic relevancy score algorithm, of course, were not disclosed.

    When you click on an advertising logo, exactly the same information appears as when you click on a regular text ad: address, phone number and a brief description of the business. That is, the only difference from a regular ad is only the logo.

    When displaying logos, payment is for the number of impressions, and not for transitions. According to representatives of Google, the price depends on the type of company. For example, a bank pays less than a supermarket, because on an average client it earns less.

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