ScrumTrek and AgileRussia: March 24 “Architecture at Agile”

    The next AgileRussia meeting on the theme “Architecture in Agile”

    will be held March 24, 2010. The meeting will consist of three parts:
    • The role of "Architect", its features in Agile, interaction with the team and PO;
    • various design approaches (evolutionary design, top-down, bottom-up), their impact on the Agile process, limitations of applicability;
    • A brief overview of the most popular technical practices: Test-Driven Development, Behavior-Driven Development, Domain-Driven Design.

    Architects, leading developers, team leads, PM - come and exchange thoughts, thoughts and experience.

    Place and time : March 24, 19:00, the center of Moscow, the office of the company Custom InformSystems.

    Participation conditions : Free. Registration is required. Just fill out the registration form .

    PS - Many thanks to colleagues from CustIS for the provided premises.

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