Evernote API - we sort headings of articles from Habr and we tag articles with tags

    Good day, dear Habrasociety!

    In this short topic I want to tell you about my first acquaintance with the Evernote API.
    So, it all started about six months ago, when I had enough free time at work, which I decided to spend wisely. Basically, I, of course, read articles on Habrahabr, where I met a mention of Evernote. I liked the service, I began to actively use it to save notes and links to articles that I did not have time to read at work. After I installed the Evernote Web Clipper plugin in my favorite Chrome, sending a link to an article in Evernote was very simple and fast. And then there was some nuisance ...

    Over time, I began to feel some inconvenience due to the fact that there were more and more articles to read “later”, less and less time, I didn’t put tags and found an article on topics of interest to me in a general notebook, which by that time had simply turned into garbage A terrifying list of notes has become problematic.
    Around the same time, Evernote opened its API and it was possible to at least highlight something from the general heap of notes through the use of this API itself. Of course, my first desire was to write an application that would process all notes from Habr, and put down labels everywhere. After spending a couple of evenings, I got the desired tool and now it is not difficult to find the notes generated by Evernote Web Clipper. The program parses the title of the note of the form “Article Title / Blog Name / Habrahabr” and tags this note with the tags “! Habrahabr” and “Blog Name”.

    Perhaps someone from the Habrasociety will benefit from this small console application.

    The following are a few links:
    1. An article that describes the Evernote API
    2.An article that mentions the procedure for obtaining an Evernote
    3 developer key . A library that provides access to the Evernote API for C #
    4. The application discussed above

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