Quartz Composer: Music Cube

    The composition of Develop Tools for Mac OS includes several applications and a lot of body. One of them is Quartz Composer. With it, you can do many visual effects.
    In this tutorial, I will try to explain how to make a rotating cube to the sounds.
    • Open Quartz (/ Developer / Applications / Quartz Composer.app)
    • Create a clean project (File-> New Blank)
    • Open the Patch Library (Window-> Show Patch Library)
    • We find the Clear patch and in the panel we select the color gray

    • Now add Lighting
    • In its parameters, set Light 1 Color , and set it to blue , this will be the color of the lighting, here you can experiment as much as you like, but later

    • now go inside the Lighting patch by clicking on it 2 times
    • add a cube of the Patch Library add a Cube , but they were few, we need one that is under Render
    • in its parameters we set: Widht = 0.25, Hight = 0.25, Depth = 0.25, X Rotation = 45, Z Rotation = 45

    you can spin Y Rotation to see how the lighting falls on the cube; the scale goes by 0.1; if you hold Shift it will be by 3.125

    • Adding Interpolation from Animation
    • Set the End Value to 360

    • We connect Result from Interpolation with Y Rotation from Cube , connecting the points next to these parameters with the mouse

    • Add Audio Input
    • Connect Volume Peak from Audio Input to Height from Cube

    Now when you speak into the microphone, you will see the vibration of the cube, but it’s not very large, now it’s a fix

    Add Math.
    In its parameters, set Operation # 1 to multiply , and Operand # 1 = 5.
    If everything is done correctly, it will look like this.

    Here is a video how it all works

    This is the simplest example, but if you look, you can freely make visualizers for iTunes or ScreenSavers.


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