New versions of JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio


    This week, JBoss is releasing the next release of JBDS (3.0.0GA) and JBoss Tools (3.1.0GA) plugins. New versions of the products contain a number of bug fixes, as well as functional changes and the creation of a more friendly user interface, which is aimed at simplifying the work with all supported technologies.

    JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio are created to work with JBoss technologies, such as JBoss AS, JBoss Seam, JBoss jBPM, Hibernate, JBoss Drools, JBoss ESB, RichFaces, JBoss Portal.

    Both products are based on the Eclipse IDE and the Eclipse WTP project. This allows us to develop J2EE applications based on solutions provided by other implementers of the J2EE stack of technologies - Sun, Weblogic, etc.

    JBoss Tools is a set of Eclipse plugins available for free download. In turn, JBoss Developer Studio is a complete set of software needed to develop and run J2EE applications.

    Both products have full technical support and detailed updated documentation.

    A short list of changes in the set of plug-ins JBoss Tools release 3.1.0 GA

    Core / General - offset configuration options.

    JBoss AS Tools is a shortcut for “Full publish,” a timeout has been introduced for JMX Poller.
    Project Examples - added a detailed description of the requirements for running examples. Hibernate Tools - Hibernate Tools updated from version 3.1.2 to version 3.3.2, updated wizards, work with tabs, updated Diagram Viewer.
    Visual Page Editor - Visual Page Editor now runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 x64, added the ability to add templates for unknown tags via VPE Preferences, support for new JSF 2.0 tags and other
    CDI (JSR-299) Tools - improved project validation and configuration.
    BPEL Tools- Fixed bugs in working with BPEL files with the ODE extension and the creation of Wait and onAlarm functions.
    ESB Tools - updated editors.
    Maven Tools - JBoss Maven Integration has been updated to m2eclipse 0.10.0.
    JST / JSF Tools - Code Assists work improved, Web XML, JSP / XHTML and other editors updated.
    Portal tools - portlet facets recognize GateIn portal.

    JBoss Tools project page:
    Download link:
    Version update: http: //download.jboss. org / jbosstools / updates / JBossTools-3.1.0.GA / or
    The latest build of documentation (Nightly docs):
    Small flash videos on using JBoss Tools:
    Community: http: //

    Version of the components of the studio JBoss Developer Studio release 3.0.0GA
    • Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo)
    • JBoss Tools 3.1.0
    • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.0

    JBoss Developer Studio Release 3.0.0GA Summary of Changes

    Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) - Contexts and Dependency Injection Project Facet was added to JBoss Developer Studio, the Project menu includes new options (Add CDI Support and Remove CDI Support), and others.
    ESB - ESB Content Based Router changed, new functionality added in ESB Configuration Editor, officially supported by ESB 4.7 contained in the JBoss SOA Platform 5.0 and others.
    Hibernate - Refactoring support was added to the Hibernate Code Generation Configurations, the functionality of the New Hibernate XML Mapping file was updated, the Hibernate Diagram Viewer, Mapping Diagram viewer and other JavaServer were updated
    Faces (jsf)- Improved PageContextFactory performance, made support for JSF 2.0 structural components, fixed the work of the Eclipse OpenOn and other
    RichFaces function. - RichFaces libraries were updated to version 3.3.2.SR1. et al.
    Seam - fixed assembly and validation of Seam projects when using Preferences, Seam examples Booking and DVDStore updated to Seam 2.2 for the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and others.
    Smooks - Smooks Reader page replaced with Input page, changes to its functionality, testing simplified Smooks projects, etc.
    Struts - added the Add and Remove Struts support options in the project menu.
    Visual page editor- Bugs causing a “memory leak” were fixed, support for JSF 2.0 attributes was added, icon design was changed, a new option was added to select the immediately previous and next element after the central and other
    XHTML Editor - tooltips for tags and attributes were added.
    XML Structured Editor - simplified selection of servlets for web.xml, improved Servlet Mapping Editor.
    General Issues - added SSH deployment, added a new wizard for exporting operations for using Imodule objects, JBoss Tools Palette integrated into the standard Eclipse GEF view, etc.

    JBoss Developer Studio project page:

    Everyone can contribute to the development of JBoss products by posting a bug notification, or write a request for the necessary functionality in the JIRA project management system :

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