Migrant workers vs WWW

    The site of the official printing organ of the Moscow government, the newspaper "Tverskaya 13" pleases visitors with an "Albanian" adverb:
    What is this?
    Revenge of the hungry designers?
    Adaptation to a language close to the people?
    Or were the developers of this site hired in the same place as the majority of workers in the municipal sphere of the city?

    PS: From the "Albanian-language" site, a redirect to the portal of a normal, official form has been made. On which the announcement hangs at the same time:
    This is not us!
    An explanation of the situation is also given:
    Bloopers on the site "Tverskoy 13" appeared exactly after the editorial office refused to cooperate with a company that previously provided the site with the newspaper tver13.ru. As soon as Tverskaya 13 left this site, “warning” letters and “hinting” phone calls went to the editorial office first. We were hinted that it would be nice to pay compensation - just some one hundred thousand rubles.
    According to the editorial staff, the situation was corrected by the intervention of the “K” department of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate.

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