Announcement: SERK Visit Report

    Tour to SERK - Samsung Electronics RUS Kaluga
    Hello. Yesterday, together with dorofej, the hub user, and about 30 other bloggers and journalists, we visited SERK (Samsung Electronics RUS Kaluga), a Samsung Electronics monitor and television production plant, as part of the company's media work. So far, the footage has been prepared and approved by the relevant employees, I would like to announce a subsequent post with a story about this event, as well as to hear questions of interest to you on this topic, we will all try to answer them.

    PS: if one of our fellow travelers yesterday is also present on Habré and wants to share his impressions here - write me about this in your personal mail - and we will certainly give you the opportunity to publish your material while maintaining authorship in the company’s corporate blog. In any case, if you read this text - let me know about where you posted your own materials - we will add links to your resources in the next post.

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