Macpages Magazine February Issue

    The post was posted at the request of Nail Yangazov, creator and administrator of the Macpages project.

    Hello! In early January, our team released the first pilot issue of Macpages e-zine. According to numerous user reviews, we can say that almost everyone liked the idea, however, a lot of slaps were collected for the implementation. Most of the complaints were about a very simple layout of the magazine (more precisely, its absence) and outdated materials. There were also many minor flaws.

    Macpages magazine - 2nd generation

    After that release, I received hundreds of letters in which users expressed their opinions about the magazine, some offered help in working on the publication. So in our team there was a replenishment and a new person appeared - Delamberg (Konstantin Verse).

    The design of the magazine is peculiar, the style is avant-garde minimalism. I agree that it is unusual to say the least for a magazine covering information technology, but we don’t intend to experiment and do the usual fast food in the style of Apple’s manuals. New headings were introduced in the journal and, at the request of readers, the “workshop” was expanded. There are so many innovations that between the pilot release and the February one there is only a common name. I hope you enjoy the changes.

    Let me remind you that the magazine is created by enthusiasts, it is not commercial and is distributed free of charge. We respect copyrights and reprinting of journal materials is possible only with the permission of the publisher and the author of the article. If you have any ideas or comments on the magazine, feel free to write to maс - we will discuss it together. Comments on the design, please send to Costa on e-mail

    You can download the magazine at , where all issues of the magazine will be announced. In case of problems with downloading the mirror here mediafire (27MB).

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