How is IT work in Russia looking for

    In the previous two articles ( I, Aytishnik and Tsar Pea ) I told how I came to this stage of my life, in this I want to tell about the paradox of the sought and sought, about the Aichi labor market in Moscow and abroad.


    So, having rested my legitimate month, I took up the job search. Well aware of the shortage of personnel in the labor market, knowing the level of candidates and the salary for which they claim, I decided to consider all the options. Over the years of life in Moscow and for the dynamics of work at the Tsar Pea, I got very tired, tired of the rhythms of Moscow, I want something smaller, but more sensual - to create something that gives someone joy and convenience. For a start, I posted three summaries, the approach was as follows:

    1. Continue to grow up the career ladder, search for the position of director of the DIT
    2. Work on a really interesting project in TimLid's position, build the development correctly and produce the really desired product
    3. Work as a developer, but remotely (time is not wasted on the road, the salary is the same in terms of road and other expenses, even more)
    On average, about 50 companies (both TimLida and the developer) view my resume on HH per day. The DIT Director’s resume is considered early in the morning at about 10 companies.
    According to the programmer’s resume, there are about 3 invitations per day, while for the Director, there is no proposal for the Director. I respond to some vacancies myself, but companies simply don’t even look at invitations. As a rule, the task of the average recruiter is to place a resume and forget, if they call, then switch to the chief.
    At the same time, I was thinking about finding Full Time freelancing both in the Russian market and in the foreign market - I chose one main site one by one, did not intend to pay for membership.

    First, about freelancing, there is no sensible work on the site of the same name, everything is insanely cheap, the bulk of orders for minor improvements to CMS for PHP - this market is completely covered by students (in my opinion). There are complex tasks, no one takes them, as it is long and dreary - I decided that this is my niche.
    Having found one of the orders, a large automotive distributor needs to refine the site, integrate the systems with a private office, etc. We agreed to meet, at the other end of Moscow, I drove there about 2.5 hours, then I was told what they wanted for a long time, asked for a preliminary assessment on time and finance - we agreed that I will send a commercial offer. After some time, I designated a period of two months, the amount of 350 thousand rubles. A day later I was called back by the guy with whom I spoke directly, said that he had other suggestions, but he was most interested in mine (I looked at the site, there was only my review), but they say bad luck, he also needs to earn and that now he will adjust the KP to 400 thousand and I will give him 50 of them, naturally I agreed. A few days passed, he wrote every day, I didn’t have time to discuss it with the management, then I said that while we set the task for a pause and that I would contact me in the foreseeable future ... I spent 20 liters of gasoline and a lot of nerves clean - the result is zero. The rest of the orders I did not consider appropriate.
    Having registered on the same largest website abroad, I found a lot of interesting things for myself there, a normal salary level, a normal payment per hour, normal budgets for projects. I wrote petitions in the orders I was interested in, but each of the customers demanded a rating of at least 90% successful performance - and I didn’t have completed work, so after spending a week, I decided that this approach does not suit me - in order to fill the rating, you need to work that time almost for free. It took about a month and then surprisingly I received three whole letters in an instant, the first one so far opened it was already given to someone, in the second an Arab asked to make a control for ASP.NET WebForms for $ 250, I agreed, we talked for a long time, I clarified details, then he said that now he will select me as a performer and simply disappeared. The last customer asked to make an application in C, which is downloaded from the personal account, downloads the file from the Internet and copies it to a flash drive with a specific volume name. We couldn’t agree on time and price for a long time, we finally agreed on $ 175, he made me an offer, I accepted it, on Monday I give up the job. I think that there was some kind of malfunction on this site, in general, I somehow got to a certain top for a moment, why I was showered with orders, more offers have not yet been received. The American says that he has a huge number of tasks, well, let's wait and see. I accepted it, on Monday I hand over the work. I think that there was some kind of malfunction on this site, in general, I somehow got to a certain top for a moment, why I was showered with orders, more offers have not yet been received. The American says that he has a huge number of tasks, well, let's wait and see. I accepted it, on Monday I hand over the work. I think that there was some kind of malfunction on this site, in general, I somehow got to a certain top for a moment, why I was showered with orders, more offers have not yet been received. The American says that he has a huge number of tasks, well, let's wait and see.

    Regarding Russian employers, regarding TimLid's resume, serious companies usually respond, communicating with the management you immediately get an understanding, the technical interview stage is missing as a class - there are enough skills and a story about the projects made. I have offers for TimLid for wages a little more or the same as I received, but everywhere there is something wrong, then at the other end of Moscow, the project is not interesting, in general, while I hope for the next item - remote work by the developer. There are many such vacancies, but as a rule they are counting on non-residents and want to pay less. Judging by the tasks that they describe on Full Time, I made a conclusion for myself that I can easily work in two places and work for two customers, for example, for 10 hours to do work that is weak programmers, which they are looking to perform for 16 hours. Naturally, I started with companies that offer Full Time with a maximum salary. Each company considers it an absolute duty to perform a test task. The most interesting pharmaceutical company gave the task for which it took me three days:
    You need to implement a full-fledged application on WPF that can work with both MySQL and MSSQL, the application should have connection settings to the database (in the UI), everything should be safe, connection strings and other things should be encrypted. The application must contain a directory of goods with an arbitrary number of fields customizable from UI with various types including other directories, the application should have a simple warehouse (arrival of goods with a choice of a specific price), the application should have a cash desk for the operator who calculates the delivery and prints the check, this should take into account residues. The application must have an elementary profit statement, etc.
    Of course, I’m a bit “swell”, but I decided to implement - three days of hard work, perfect code with tests, comments, using patterns, UML diagrams, a cover letter. Having finished in the promised time, I sent a letter with the task and after 3 minutes I received an answer, sorry, you don’t approach us, attention after 3 minutes! I asked the question why, to which your task received an answer, our IT audit did not pass. And now let's imagine, the project needs to be forwarded to the development manager, download, unpack, run, evaluate the code, look at the diagrams and decide, it’s impossible to even read the letter and download the project in three minutes.
    Another company gave a task for the implementation of an online payment system, with the structure of the database, the muzzle on Angular 2 - in general, without describing work there, also for three days, until I did and switched to smaller tasks.
    One known St. Petersburg insurance company gave me a small task of selling a vending machine, I did it in one day, sent it, appreciated it, said it all well, need a Skype interview stage - it’s time, the interview went well, I answered all the questions, of which there were not many. The development manager said that he would talk with the management and make an offer (when it is not known, three days have passed from them silence).
    In general, in my opinion, companies offering a remote job need slightly skilled workers and do not want to pay normal money, try not to deal with experienced developers - and therefore also very doubtful.

    I hope this small stroke will allow many who are in search to prevent any mistakes, or not to waste time on the obviously failed options that I have already passed.

    Well, I, in time, am in search of a dream job, open to suggestions (there are links in the profile). Thanks to all who read the entire series of my articles, I wish you all a pleasant weekend, as well as our community to be targeted and respected!

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