Techno geeks have fun

    Some time ago, on the forums of fans to play sports betting (specifically on football), a rumor was spread about people who thoroughly know the results of “contractual” matches in European divisions.
    "Thorough knowledge" was confirmed by sending the archived password-protected Excel file with the results before the start of the series of games. Two passwords - to the archive and Excel - were sent after the end of a series of games. After that, the results of matches were really shown in Excel. The riddle?
    The authors demanded quite substantial money for their knowledge.

    How it was:the password was entered twice: to unzip and when opening the Excel file. When opening Excel, the password was requested by the VBA script. The password itself was a 9-digit sequence in which the match results were encrypted. Next, the VBA script decrypted the password and scattered the data in cells.
    Elegant, huh?

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