Where to buy DNS hosting?

    Published at the request of uncia

    I already have 30 domains registered with different registrars.
    Managing all domains without a quality single interface is difficult.

    Now I use editdns.net - in my opinion the best DNS host for the following important reasons:
    1. Google Apps is written from the template.
    2. Supports SRV recordings necessary for Jabber to work.
    3. Able to synchronize records between different domains, ie it is sufficient to make changes to one domain, as the same names will be made on other domains.
    4. A bunch of other useful features.

    The only minus to editdns.net is the price - Starting from the new year, the service becomes paid.
    5 $ per month. those. $ 60 per year - in my opinion it is very expensive, despite the fact that now the domain costs ~ 100 rubles per year.
    Those. staying with editdns.net - I will have to pay for DNS hosting as for 20 domains - and this fact does not please.

    Tell me, please, alternative paid DNS hosting that knows Google Apps, that can SRV.
    Thanks in advance!

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