Yandex has announced the test of the next update of the algorithm - Arzamas 1.2

    It was significant that in the first Arzamas, most of Russia saw the sites of their region by geo-dependent requests, but the division of requests into geo-dependent and geo-independent was officially seen only in Arzamas 1.2.
    Arzamas’s idea is generally transparent, why residents of Vladikavkaz need Moscow taxi numbers for the same request ...
    An improved request geo-classification algorithm is designed to eliminate errors and add new data to the already formed request database with geo-referencing.
    Yandex quote: It is worth noting that in “Arzamas” 1.2 the ranking for geo-independent queries within Russia is the same for all users, and for geo-dependent ones it differs only for Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.
    The division of requests into geo-dependent and geo-independent is available at .
    As always, a lot of funny things happened with the definition of the type of request.
    The situation with brands is curious - the request “Samsung”, “IBM”, “Apple” are geo-dependent, while “Sony Erickson”, “Google” are geo-independent.
    A similar and incomprehensible situation with requests for pipes - “polymer pipes” - the request is geo-independent,
    “plastic pipes” - the request is geo-dependent.
    Update: Now a beautiful stub flaunts on Yandex beeches: The beta version of the search is closed.
    Thank you for testing Arzamas 1.2. We tried to analyze all your feedback. The launch of the search program version "Arzamas 1.2" we announce through the blog

    Igor Kozlov

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