Startup Idea: Personalized Ad Network

    The idea of ​​personalizing advertising certainly lies on the surface but, today it is widespread only in printed advertising materials - all kinds of advertising letters, etc.
    If you think about it, any site that has a community i.e. personal page or user account - blogs, social networks, online stores and has access to a large amount of user information.
    This is primarily of course First Name / Surname and Age. But there are statistics - for example, interests in the profile, the number of orders per month, interest in certain topics (by the number of comments or the number of pluses / minuses put).
    All this involved in the text or visual of the advertisement will be a powerful tagging “hook”, which will significantly increase perception and response.
    Moreover, there will be no need to encroach on personal data in any way, the% username% variable is always present as soon as you log in, you just need to send it to the flash banner or to the prepared context block.

    In short, the idea is a service that works with personalized ads: text and image,
    and, accordingly, with sites providing a place for placement and user data.

    An obvious plus - we will always work with loyal users - logged in and filling out a profile. An obvious minus, you will need to think about how the ad will look without% username% - in the worst case, do 2 options.

    And I know of examples - sometimes I meet personalized banners on, read about myspace, and the yahoo network, similar in Google’s plans if I’m not mistaken.

    PS Unfortunately, there is still not enough karma to transfer to Startups.

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