Once upon a time I made the first sketches of the design of future sites and embodied random ideas immediately on the computer, in a graphical editor. This procedure took time, effort and, most importantly, distracted from the creative process. Later, I abandoned this practice in favor of sketches of the main scheme in a simple album. I was even happy - I remembered how it feels to hold a real pencil in my hand!

    But, unfortunately, this format turned out to be difficult for some customers to perceive - not everyone could imagine how this draft compares with the real site, how it will look on the screen. Even schematically. It was necessary to change something, so that it was also simple, but more understandable. And I found a solution convenient for me - I combined the simplicity of traditional “pencil” sketches and pseudo-browser visualization.


    Particularly curious people can familiarize themselves with the detailed narration on my site (this is a “rewrite” from there).

    I ask lovers of brief statements under the cat.

    I made blanks, which I conditionally call “browser forms” . What it is? These are pre-prepared A4 sheets with a printed frame of the main browsers.

    It looks, for example, like this - a Firefox form .

    Everything is ready for printing on a regular printer. And if you want more, you can make a “Browser Notebook” - just collect the forms through a brochure or folder-folder (I have come across such ready-made solutions, but I don’t see the point of buying them - it’s more interesting to make them ourselves).

    Now, coming to a meeting with the customer, I have the opportunity directly on the spot in the usual and understandable way to make the main schematic sketches of the future design in conjunction with the “browser”. This process also looks unusual. Some customers are drawn in, take away the notebook and start drawing themselves :).

    The idea does not pretend to be original and has its obvious disadvantages, but if it comes in handy for someone, I will be glad.

    You can pick up forms for other browsers here , at the very bottom ( sorry that I do not give direct links - they are periodically updated so far ).

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