Photographic map of the world

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Previously, on Yandex.Photos, you could see your photo card or another user's photo card. For example, our fellow traveler .

Photos now have a combined photo map. You can not only see the general map of all users, but also search on it what interests you. Romantics can compare the sunsets of Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg . Inquisitive - to find out that, according to the authors of photo labels, in Kiev most often photos of the city, nature, spring, flowers, beauty and architecture are obtained . You can explore your city. I now know that in Moscow, like in Greece, there is everything: horses , squirrels , towers, and tanks , and Muscovites like to ride roller skates and look at the planes in the sky .

Summer is the time for travel and relaxation. Put down the places you visited on the map and share what you felt when you saw the sunrise in Egypt or Gelendzhik. By the way, Yandex.Maps recently updated satellite maps of some resort cities . You can clarify the binding if you have already posted your resort photos.

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