Dicto project closed

    Dicto is a free electronic dictionary created and developed by the DictoTeam team. Based on dictionaries distributed under the GPL.

    I was unpleasantly surprised when I saw on the official website information that the project was closed. The following information was found on Wikipedia :

    “The developers of the dictionary were constantly persecuted by those who saw GPL violations in their development - the dictionary was distributed without source code, however, the developers had every right to do this.

    In addition, the high quality of the dictionary led to the fact that many sites that were not clean on their hands began to trade it, without listing the creators of a dime.

    When the epicogue of the conflict was reached, an unknown cracker destroyed the host data where the dictionary project was located and the developers decided to no longer continue the development of the project, which received only the negative "

    Of. the site is also closed.

    Very sorry!

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