Blind Watchmaker

    Disputes between supporters of creationism and Darwinism have long raged in the world. This video by an English scientist is a counterargument to the creationists' argument - that complex life forms could not arise from simple ones, just as watches cannot be created by randomly mixing their parts.

    But the scientist showed us that even if we model the process of mixing the parts of the broken clock, sooner or later we will get whole, working hours! In addition, life is not only a theory of probability, and during development many processes influenced living beings. And the most important difference between living things from letters and numbers is that they are living ...

    So, simulation of evolution on the example of a clock! We look!

    Original video: (there is also a discussion in English)
    You can download the program mentioned in the video here .

    On this subject, Richard Dawkins, an English ethologist, evolutionist and popularizer of science, wrote a book in 1986 under the title Blind Watchmaker. For this book, Dawkins received the 1987 Literary Award from the Royal Society for Literature Support, and the Los Angeles Times Award. You can read it in Russian in electronic form here .

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