18 "androids" until the end of the year

    Google first disclosed information on the number of Android phones that are in production. Andy Rubin, director of mobile platforms at Google, said at the Google I / O conference yesterday that 18-20 such devices would be on sale by the end of the year. And this is not taking into account manufacturers who use Android, but did not bother to notify Google about this.

    Rubin refused to name specific manufacturers and specific models. At the moment, there are only two “androids” on sale: T-Mobile G1 in the USA and HTC Magic in Europe.

    According to Rubin, now device manufacturers can choose one of three options for using the Android platform. All of them are free.

    1. No obligation. The manufacturer downloads a free distribution kit from the site, installs on devices and downloads any services there, except for Google applications.

    2. The same, but with the signing of an agreement on the distribution of Google services. In this case, the manufacturer gets access to Gmail, Google Calendar and other services. This option was chosen for 12-14 of all 18-20 models that enter the market.

    3. The “The Google Experience” option - phones with the Google logo on the case and obligations for guaranteed support for Google applications, as well as the obligations of the carrier and the manufacturer not to interfere with the process of distributing applications between Google and phone owners. This category includes 5 or 6 new models.

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