Idea: Content Management System Software Product

    It happens in life like this - an idea sits in your head and you understand - an idea is a good one and it can fire, but there are currently no opportunities for its implementation. And she sits, swings and recalls missed opportunities. Worse still - you think, if such a service already existed, I would use it with pleasure. Therefore, one way or another, you begin to think about what can be done to implement this idea.

    First, a little about the essence of the idea. I am developing a replicated software product. One of the main tools for promoting and marketing a software product is a website for this product. I have a clear vision of which website I need and what it should contain, moreover, the website at different stages of product development should be different: at the idea stage, this is a splash screensaver, then a blog and collection of leads, an invite prototype, then a website for product beta and then almost the final website of the product released for sale.

    On the Internet, a dime a dozen of all CMS engines and frameworks. The main problem with these engines is versatility. I have a specific task. The sites of many software products are similar in functionality and content to each other: this is a blog (news), download, documentation, buy, etc. Than to deal with WordPress, buying a hosting and more, I would rather buy a solution (SaaS) that would take into account the specifics of my business, give some kind of page set (template) and convenient pens: for example, managing a list of product editions, prices, etc. P.

    In addition, such a solution would support integration with payment systems: Plimus, RegNow, etc., with a CRM system, such as SalesForce or SugarCRM, statistics on visits, downloads, purchases, clicks. Those. in fact, I need a solution for automating the promotion and marketing of a replicated software product, and not a “universal CMS” for all occasions. I seriously believe that the future lies in such decisions that take into account the specifics of a particular type of business.

    I believe that if you carefully consider it, such a solution would be interesting not only to me, but also to thousands of other small companies - developers of replicated software. Monetization here is also obvious: selling subscriptions to use the service and advertising partners whose services may be of interest to software developers.

    I would like to hear the opinion of the habro-community on this idea (flout it) and if you have any suggestions for participating in the implementation of this idea - welcome in private. For my part, I can prepare TK, act as the first customer, be responsible for the promotion and marketing of services in the US market and if you need to find sources of financing.

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