Browser games

    Browser games - what is it? Bullshit? Nonsense? - It is possible, but if you find a game to your liking - it will not come off - checked. While they play WoW, Eve, LineAge2, or shooters that require powerful hardware - we, as working people and who value our time, can be distracted only by small but interesting toys - solitaire and sapper everyone is tired of - you need to look for alternatives. However, let's talk about these alternatives.

    About MyBrute , I think everyone has heard it - now they play it on the Internet - the perfect toy is distracting for 10 minutes. A detailed review of this game has already been written many times on Habré. AlphaBounce - I always liked Arkanoid, but this one is beautiful (all kinds of effects) and the cosmic, generally cool, Arkanoid is what it should be. Space Invaders is a classic of games, everyone has played it and will play for centuries! Online version of the famous hit.

    Flash games are a whole genre in gaming, which has its own connoisseurs and loyal fans, flash games, appearing, caused misunderstanding and surprised looks, but now they burst into life firmly. Some of them are simply on just the most real art. And they are moving from timid and funny to the next evolutionary step - look at the same QuakeLive.

    What small browser-based toys do you play?

    PS I am writing to my personal blog so as not to anger the inhabitants of the “Games” blog with all sorts of “frivolous” games :-)

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