StartUp Review at the RIT-2009 Conference

    On September 16-18, the 3rd annual conference " Russian Internet Technologies " will be held in Moscow . We will come together again to hear the experience of practitioners, the thoughts of theorists, the opinions of the gurus, as well as ask relevant questions and get answers.

    What has changed over the year? What do you face daily and what solutions do your colleagues use? What new products have appeared on the markets and is it convenient to work with them? What challenges do young startupers face and where are investors ready to invest? Have they stayed? Where is the market moving and what place can you take in it? How is the host base growing? What online sites not only stayed afloat, but also rose? Where do whole teams go?

    The conference "Russian Internet Technologies 2009" - accommodates 2,000 visitors. You can pay for your participation now in your personal account. The cost of participation is 7000 rubles. ProfyClub members have discounts.

    As part of RIT-2009, web developers can not only share their experience, but also take part in the StartUp Review , demonstrate their projects and get the opportunity to develop them in the future.

    To apply for participation, you must register, or log in if you already have a ProfyClub account, and fill out the participant form. It is necessary to indicate the name of the project, its brief description, attach an investment memorandum and a 30-second video about the team or project. After consideration of the application by the members of the Expert Council, its description and video will be published on the website and available for voting and discussion by users. Based on the results of voting and selection by the Expert Council, applicants will be able to participate in the “StartUp Review” as part of “RIT-2009” (participation in the conference is free), as well as in casting for participation in the reality of “Startup Show”.

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