SmartFaucet - faucet with face recognition system


    In my opinion, this water tap is a vivid example of the fact that high technology is not always appropriate. However, the Brazilians from seem to give a damn about my opinion. In a few months, the company is going to bring this miracle-tech-like iPod to the market.

    So, a touch screen display is built into the faucet, on which you can display all kinds of widgets: clocks, weather forecasts, message headers, and so on. LEDs illuminate a stream of water depending on the temperature. In addition, the system can recognize faces. According to the developers, each family member has his own temperature and flow rate settings. The system includes them, depending on which particular “face” fits the crane.

    I wonder if this tap will need to change the firmware and what will the plumbers say if they have to change the gaskets?

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