- create your own social network

    At the beginning of March, a beta version of the constructor of social networks,, started in Runet . The project offers everyone to become the creator of their own social network in just 5 minutes.


    The term social network is ideologically chosen because in our opinion, it is more universal, and then everyone decides for himself what exactly creates - a community, group, community, his personal blog, company website, etc.

    The main feature of the designer is the extremely simple and intuitive control of your network, which allows a user who does not even know all the intricacies of website development (programming, layout, hosting, etc.) to make a full-fledged website.

    Features of the designer of social networks :
    - the designer has a modular structure, i.e. the user can choose which modules (text blocks, photos, video, audio, polls, etc.) his network needs;
    - each network is assigned a third-level domain - the user selects the address;
    - customization of the design (1,2,3 column structure; menu editing; placement of blocks as you want or need; color scheme support will be available soon).
    In addition to these features, there will be support for OpenSocial in the future and a number of innovations that will appeal to network creators.

    Another difference from classic social networks is openness. To view any network, registration by default is not needed, which allows you to freely go about the project. Soon, the creator of the network will be able to regulate access to his social network by setting up a system of rights.

    The future belongs to thematic social networks that will unite like-minded people and help to find friends according to their interests. This is precisely the task that the project is doing .

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