New profile page in Learn

    LiveJournal has launched a beta test of the new user profile page: By clicking on the appropriate link you can agree to participate in the beta test of the new profile page and see it with your own eyes. This is how the updated page looks: The arrangement of the main elements has changed, the page has been simplified visually, and, importantly, near the buttons now located in the upper right corner, inscriptions have appeared that indicate the action. The inscriptions, in addition to informativeness, add a link to the area, it is “easier to click”. Under the nickname and name of the magazine, we see the button "Make the magazine only for adults." The link leads to the unchanged page for viewing the log. Next comes the contact information, the "about myself" field, the familiar list of friends.

    At the very bottom - Information about the communities to which the LiveJournal user and RSS feeds are subscribed.

    In general, it is interesting, I liked the new lightweight design. And you?

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