Dispute between a fool and a mathematician

    Fool "authoritative people" said that two two five. With this news he comes to mathematics. A mathematician sits at a table immersed in work.

    Fool: Twice two five.
    Mathematician (in distraction):What? ..
    Fool: Twice two five!
    Mathematician (laughs): No, you fool, twice two four.
    Fool: No, five!
    Mathematician: Four!
    Fool: No, five!
    Mathematician: Come here.

    The fool approaches the table. The mathematician takes out four pencils from the table and puts them in front of him.

    Mathematician: Look - here are two pencils. Twice two ... add two pencils, get four. You see?

    The face of a fool portrays the terrible torment of the mind.

    Fool (timidly, but with every word more confidently): Two plus two four, and twice two five. Two plus two four! and twice two five! Haha
    Mathematician: It's the same thing!
    Fool (jumping joyfully): No, two plus two four, and twice two five! Twice two five ...
    Mathematician: Well, look, we take two pencils, and twice two pencils will be four, two two ...

    Holds two pencils in fists.

    Fool (triumphantly): Two plus two four, and twice two five!

    Now the face of a mathematician depicts the terrible torment of reason. He lights a cigarette, and, bending his fingers on his hands and squinting from the smoke, mutters something under his breath and shrugs. The fool triumphantly walks around the table. His face is shining.

    Mathematician (puts out a cigarette): Come here ... Take two pencils into your fist. Got it? Bring to the nose. Now look at the tip of your nose.
    Fool: I'm scared. What if I’m staying so oblique? ..
    Mathematician: You won’t stay. Come on! Made? Now count the pencils ...

    Fool's forehead frowns from terrible torment, his mouth is half-open and twisted.

    Mathematician: How many pencils do you see?
    Fool (slowly, never ceasing to examine his fist): Che-re-re!
    Mathematician: Four?
    Fool: Yeah ...
    Mathematician: Doubled?
    Fool: Yeah ...
    Mathematician: So it turns out that twice two is four, not five, right?
    Fool (never ceasing to consider his fist): Yeah ...


    Mathematician: Indeed, one can become oblique. Why don't you keep your eyes on him?
    Fool: Yes, I do not understand ... but where is the fifth pencil ?!

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