UMA CMS: development

    Hello. Usually on Habrahabr they write about what has been done, but I propose to do it. I hope the idea is good, but one way or another I am waiting for adequate criticism.
    Ultra-mobile advanced content management system - Very small (approximately 100 kB)
    With the latest technological twists
    And the ability to write from your phone

    Usage example:
    You came to the seminar, conference, you see a lot of exciting things and you have an opinion that, in the bale with the very fact of your news, becomes a burning mixture. You get your phone or PDA, a few clicks and your thoughts for millions of kilometers, and the thermal trace from your fingers on the stylus or keyboard has not cooled down yet.

    Required for development:
    Knowledge of Java (familiarity with J2ME)
    Knowledge of PHP 5
    Knowledge of the general principles of Ajax

    Development \ distribution: joint point-by-point development, reduced to stitching the sources I have. Distribution through Sourceforge + Google Code + a topic on Habrahabr, as an analytical IT media
    Result: CMS, delivered with an on-the-go posting application, deployed on any hosting in seconds (with a suitable configuration) and providing maximum functionality.

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