We continue to twist Vista

    As a continuation of the topic of Comrade M_org on Vista optimization. Three other points that are extremely important to me, which visually significantly improved productivity.

    1. Disabling System Restore. The thing is certainly good, but as with the firewall, it is better to use third-party programs, and disable the built-in one - it eats a lot of resources.
    Right click on the “Computer” tab → Properties → Advanced system settings → “System Protection” tab → remove all the daws.

    2. Turn off performance monitoring. In Vista (as well as in previous 2000 / XP) there is a built-in mechanism for logging all kinds of system parameters, which consumes resources and is used by a very small percentage of users. Unfortunately, it cannot be disabled by standard means, but MS has a special utility for this. The result after a trip is visible to the naked eye.
    Download the utility , install, run. We select each counter in the Extensible Performance Counters list one by one and uncheck the Performance Counters Enabled checkbox. Reboot.

    3. Increasing the priority of active processes over background ones. There is an important key in the registry that determines how much more active processor time is allocated than background ones. By default it is equal to 2, I would advise you to put 6, although you can play around. The result is significant.
    regedit → HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ PriorityControl → increase the value of the Win32PrioritySeparation key.

    Oh, and by the way, UAC is much easier to disconnect without any configuration: Control Panel → Accounts → Disable User Account Control

    PS It's time to start a separate blog for Habratwiks :)

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