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    For more than two years, the Royal (Korolev) programmer has been developing a search engine for people using photographs. “This is a completely unconventional approach to image matching,” notes Alexey Lagutin, the author of the project. is an experimental site, one of the tasks of which is open public testing of a new technology for indexing and searching images on the Internet for everyone who is interested.

    The service is based on an original indexing and image search algorithm, on which the creator worked for more than two years. A feature of the algorithm is the search for images by graphic content that is resistant to geometric distortion of video content (scaling, shifts and rotations). is the first website based on the IMAGIUM graphic search engine. No words are needed to find an image on the Web - just “show” the computer a similar picture.

    “The ideas of the IMAGIUM algorithm arose in the course of communication with my friends and colleagues, many of whom in the past were specialists from the Institute of High Energy Physics. The main problem when working with geometry is the too high dimensionality of the problem. The same difficulties exist in the calculations associated with elementary particles. "

    The photo search service based on IMAGIUM technology is open for public access and switched to beta testing mode.

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